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Working from Home Tips for Success

working from home tips for success
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Working from Home Tips for Success

March 2020 was the month we all needed to adjust to the way we work and learn. With many children learning from home and adults working from home, a whole new dynamic of working emerged.

If you are new to working from home tips for success below will help you with this transition:

Firstly, separate your workspaces. Easy if you have a big house or apartment. If you live in an apartment, consider buying partitions to keep spaces separate. You can put them up for the day and then fold them up at the end of the work/school day.

Secondly, communicate with all those at home your start times for work/school, morning tea breaks, lunch breaks, afternoon tea breaks and finish times. That way everybody knows the boundaries and you can all work productively. Structure and boundaries are important at this time not only for our work & study but to also gives us some control over the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Thirdly, create a central spot where you can come together to have a coffee, piece of fruit, drink, lollies etc. This is the socialisation spot. Mark it with a bowl of fruit or bowl of lollies, bars of miniature chocolate whatever you like. It’s like the kitchen of the office. In my house, I have filled up a bowl of mentos and placed it on the kitchen bench. That’s our socialisation spot. We all know this is the spot where we can have a chat, food & a debrief.

Fourthly, advise everyone if you will be online meeting with others so they don’t disturb you. Do this at the beginning of each day so nobody can say, you didn’t tell me. Respecting each other is important.

Fifth, keep a daily schedule of phone calls or other expenses that you need to claim from your employer while working from home. If you can’t claim it from your employer you may be able to claim as a tax deduction.

Sixth, don’t be tempted to use social media for personal purposes while you are working at home. Your employer may be watching. This may be tempting but doing it may be breaching the trust between your employer and you. Don’t abuse the privilege of working from home.

Seventh, limit your absorption of current news. Bad news can be overwhelming and can have you not focused on your work or study during the day.

Finally, if you have an opportunity, use some time to get out of the house/apartment and go for a walk, run or engage in some activity with your children. Remember to maintain your social distancing with others. Set this up at the beginning of the day, maintaining those boundaries at point 2.

I hope the above helps you adjust to working from home and studying from home. COVID-19 is our present modern-day challenge where we can learn new skills of adaptability, resilience and that change can be good if you respond to it with a glass half full approach.