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Best Career Coach Sydney- 74 Reviews & Testimonials

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74 Career Coach Sydney Reviews & International Testimonials


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Genuine Client Words about their Extraordinary You Career Coach Experience*


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I have had the privilege of working with amazing people in Australia and Internationally who genuinely wanted to find purpose and meaning in their careers. Here is a sample of testimonials from clients who have kindly shared the outcomes & their experience with Advice about Career, Change in Career, and Career Coaching of Gifted People.

* Please note that to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all clients that I work with, only first names have been printed on the website. My clients are not asked to provide Google reviews as this does not protect their privacy and confidentiality.


Australian Client Reviews

“Gina provides exceptional service and advice. Highly recommended for anyone looking to make the next career step or looking for a change. Well worth the money invested as it will pay dividends for years to come”  John- Sydney

“After some significant setbacks, I knew I needed to change, but I was worried about the scale of the change to switch my career mid-life. I also wanted to make sure that I was making a sound, defendable decision and not an emotionally charged response.

While my current employer offers some career coaching, I wanted an independent service that I could trust focused purely on my requirements and not trying to convince me one way or another. Gina provided clarity, encouragement, a framework to critically analyse where I was, what I wanted from life (personally and professionally), and information sources to examine my options.

Gina supported me as I needed it, challenged me as often as necessary, and helped me do the work. Before, I ran away from a bad situation, but now I’m running towards what I want for my career, family, and life. While (like all coaching) I did the work, Gina provided invaluable support, guidance, and encouragement that enabled me to approach this new phase of my life with confidence and a hint of excitement instead of dread and apprehension. It’s not often that you need this level of support, but when you do, you need Gina.” Sean- Sydney

Gina was very warm and welcoming from the beginning! Her program makes you self-reflect on who you are as a person and how this aligns with your career choices. Thank you for all your help Gina. Cassie- Sydney

“I started looking for career counseling a few months after graduating high school because I felt completely directionless and like no career would suit me. Extraordinary you gave me the practical skills and self-awareness that I was missing, and that I needed for exploring possible career paths. Through the counseling, I’ve created and narrowed down a list of career options to one that I feel confident pursuing and am excited about. It has been so so motivating and gave me clarity in my decision-making. I would highly recommend Extraordinary You, thank you Gina!”  Chloe- Sydney

“I came into this process unsure of what the future held for me. This was creating some serious confidence issues and I had been trying to find what I wanted out of my career on my own for a good amount of time without success. From the initial consultation, I knew Gina would be the right person to help me. Her genuine desire to help people through this tough time was obvious from the start.

Her approach to helping you figure out who you are and what are your strengths and weaknesses was highly beneficial for me. After completing this program, I am armed with purpose, direction, and a strong will to act on the plan that she helped me design” Mathew- Sydney

“Choosing to work with Gina at Extraordinary You, has given me the courage to seek purposeful, fulfilling employment after a long break away from paid employment. Thank you for your positivity and for building my self-awareness and confidence to take the steps to update my knowledge and skills to reenter the workforce. Your guidance and support throughout the process has been crucial to my success. Thank you. Kind regards Julie-Anne” Julie-Anne- Sydney

“I came to Gina as I was lost and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life or what I would be good at. I started to have some depression moments before I came upon her website.
Knowing she is university qualified, registered with associations and gives a deep analysis on your personality/ career choices gave me the assurance that I was in good hands.
With Gina’s help, I discovered things about myself I didn’t know. I know have a sense of direction and valuable tools to help in future.

Thank you Gina!” Jamie- Sydney

“Gina is very switched on and has very good insight and knows how to give feedback” Paulo- Sydney

“After perusing a number of Sydney-based career coach websites, I got a “warm, fuzzy feeling” from the Extraordinary You site. Unlike many companies these days, after emailing Extraordinary You, Gina contacted me immediately to discuss my requirements. Within seconds of speaking to Gina, I felt completely at ease with her. She is a superb listener, empathetic, incredibly easy to talk to, highly intelligent, and above all, a “straight shooter”, an attribute which is often lacking these days!

I contacted Extraordinary You because I was thinking of a change of career, but after 25 years in the IT industry, I didn’t want to “throw in the towel” without being 100% confident that the professions I was considering would “tick all the boxes”. Over a number of weeks, Gina worked with me to validate the ideas I had, and to explore other ideas I hadn’t previously considered. Gina’s program is very structured and best of all, provides hard evidence as to why a particular profession may or may not be a perfect fit.

After many years of thinking about a career change, but not knowing how to move forward, I am incredibly excited to have made the decision to re-train in Electrotechnology, and I can’t thank Gina enough for assisting me in making this decision. My only wish is I had found her years ago!

If you are considering a career change but you have no idea what road to take, or if like me, you need professional assistance to validate professions you think may be a good fit, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Gina of Extraordinary You – she is truly one of life’s gems! “ Steve- Sydney

” Earlier this year, I was in a dark place as I felt out of alignment in my career as a lawyer and I lacked meaning and purpose in my life. I felt no connection to or fulfillment from my work and each day became the same as the last. When I decided to make a change for my well-being, I came across Extraordinary You. At first, I was hesitant because I have seen life coaches and career coaches in the past, to no avail.

However, I submitted an enquiry online and Gina contacted me straight away. I immediately felt a warmth from Gina and could tell that she genuinely cared about understanding my concerns and situation. Our first meeting in May changed my life. Completing the assigned work and having Gina explain aspects of my personality, interests, and passions was so enlightening and validating of who I am as a person, and made me realise that nothing was wrong with me but rather, I was in the wrong environment and industry.

Working with Gina had such a powerful impact that I had the courage to resign in June and commit to writing my novel and starting a business that is in complete alignment with who I am. I don’t remember the last time I woke up this happy, excited, and grateful for my life, each day. While I still face challenges on my new path, they seem like a drop in the ocean because I’m now doing something I love and am passionate about every day.

I could not have done this on my own without Gina’s support and encouragement and the layered perspective I gained from this experience. If you’re on the fence, please just go ahead and do it – you will not be disappointed.” Isabel- Sydney

“I was feeling very lost when I contacted Gina. My career had been impacted a lot by the pandemic and I was contemplating a completely different direction. Working with Gina helped me to reflect on how much I do enjoy my work and why it is right for me. The process of considering lots of different jobs confirmed this for me, and I now have a lot better understanding of the options I have to move forward.

It was really good having that push to do a lot of research and reflection, I wouldn’t have done it without Gina’s help and knowing that I had homework to do! Thank you Gina, I really appreciate your help.” Sasha- Sydney

“The sessions with Gina have been one of the most helpful things I have ever done for my career. While I had a sense of my strengths and preferences, Gina helped me understand how to connect this all together. I just wish that I had gone on this journey a long time ago! Everyone needs to have the information and support that Gina provides to make the most out of their career choices. I cannot thank her enough!” Aaron- Sydney

“I have been able to understand deeper and learn a lot more about myself, my true career interests, as well as my personality, all thanks to the amazing work and extensive resources Gina has done and provided. I am now able to understand and be confident in the career choices and direction I want to go down to. Thank you so much Gina I really appreciate your kind help, support and resources. Highly recommend.” Marcus- Sydney

“I contacted Gina as I was feeling extremely unmotivated, lost, and overwhelmed with where I was at in my career. I soon realised with Gina’s help that I was in a job that was not fulfilling, and I was completely burnt out. After undergoing all the assessments, I started to unlock industries that would be more suited to my personality and what is/is not important to me to have a successful career.

I have recently just taken on a new role at work which is more in line with my career path which I would not have had the confidence to do without Gina’s help. I highly recommend this course and believe investing time in your career is imperative. Thank you so much Gina for your professionalism, support, guidance, and knowledge – I look forward to seeing where my career takes me!” Holly- Sydney

“If you have doubt’s about where you are in your career life, if it is the right thing for you, maybe you need a change within your industry that you may not see for yourself, or a complete career move then Gina is the person to speak to.

Gina will get to the source of your problems and bring out what is the best inside of you setting the foundations for which career path to take.

Before meeting Gina I didn’t really know what path to take in my career or if I needed a complete change but after consulting with Gina, now I know where to start, how to start and most of all what I want in my career.

She is wonderful to speak to, very professional at what she does and has a strong passion for making sure she is helping her clients. Definitely get in contact with Gina if you are considering career clarity/change! Thanks once again Gina for your help.” Carmelo- Sydney

“After completing two degrees and commencing several other courses, my son Mark was still uncertain about his career direction and I wondered if he might benefit from professional one-on-one careers counselling.

Gina’s depth and breadth of knowledge, experience and expertise looked impressive. Cheaper services were available, but I have always believed that you (usually) get what you pay for. For instance, when you spend one-third of your life sleeping, selecting a cheap mattress will prove a false economy. Likewise, when you spend at least one-third of most days at work, I believe it is worth investing in your long-term happiness, well-being and livelihood by seeking professional assistance.

My son agreed to give careers counselling a go. Using her friendly and enthusiastic approach, Gina was able to elicit his strengths, weaknesses and abilities and get him to think deeply about his passions, beliefs, and values.

Over time he was able to identify a preferred work ‘style’ and with Gina’s practical knowledge of, and up to date information on, the Australian job market he was able to pinpoint specific areas which would suit his personality and skills and satisfy his career goals. He then completed some further targeted study – a postgraduate Diploma – and a few months later he found a job which he truly loves.

As a parent it has given me so much joy to see my son become more confident, energised, motivated and committed than ever before. I cannot thank Gina enough for guiding and supporting my son towards finding a place where his values and talents meet, thereby enabling him to engage in meaningful and satisfying work.

I highly recommend Gina’s personalised, professional and priceless program!! Worth every cent!” Jan- Sydney

“Working with Gina has been the best step I’ve ever taken for my career-life and wellbeing. While it was confronting to realise that I had not been following my true passions, the reward of reaching a better understanding of who I am and the path I should take has been invaluable.

Gina’s skill and advice will either give you the comfort of confirming you are in the right career, or if you discover you are not, the courage and ability to change your path. Career satisfaction is possibly the largest contributor to happiness in life – everyone should do this training.” Alex- Sydney

“Working with Gina was a wonderful experience. We worked hard and dug very deep to get to the core of many issues, and worked extensively to discover what roles align with my true self. I feel more confident moving forward towards transitioning to a role/career that is more “me”, and that is truly exciting”. Anh- Sydney

“Gina was incredible! Her guidance and insight left me feeling more confident within myself and with clarity about my future endeavours. Couldn’t recommend this service enough if you’re feeling confused or doubtful about your future.” Ruby- Brisbane

“Gina has a great approach to working with teens and helping them understand themselves, what drives them. Gina then helps them link that to career paths and growth industries and other resources to assist them in setting their future study/ career goals. Highly recommend for any young adult uncertain with what they’d like to do”. Lisa- Sydney

“Undertaking career coaching with Gina was one of my best decisions when I felt burnt out, confused and lost after my PhD. I can see how this program would benefit everybody because it is a journey of self-discovery, extending horizons and getting clear understanding how to make a strategy (and concrete steps) around the career direction best suited for a particular person. Gina is a very nice and empathetic person but also task oriented person, and her coaching led me to realize what I want to do in my career (different from what I originally thought).

It also gave me the confidence I will get there – a type of confidence that a person can only gain from aiming to do what they truly love/value; using their natural talents/skills; and feeling challenged in a good way.” Lada- Sydney

“Gina was thorough in her overview of my career path, as well as giving me insight into where I should aim later down the track. Having used Gina’s program, I now have more confidence to continue perusing my career and further study” Ryan- Sydney

“Working with Gina was a real eye-opener and I am know equipped with the right toolset as well as mindset to make the perfect choice in my next career move. Gina is a great coach and was able to boost my confidence and I have my self-believe back. Thank you so much!” Phil- Sydney

“As an incredibly unhappy lawyer with no idea what to do, I took a leap of faith and made an appointment to see Gina. Four months later and I finally have much needed clarity about the person I want to be and the career I wish to have. Gina’s desire to help people find their passion in life is evident from the first minute you meet her. After going through the program, I am left feeling confident and excited about my future.
Thank you Gina for being an incredibly kind, warm and supportive mentor!”
Peter- Sydney

“Gina’s process guided my son’s process of deep self reflection and life goals. He recently described his new course, which followed his decision to completely change his field of study, as “finding his niche in life”. Consequently, he is a more happy and fulfilled person with a strong sense of purpose, and there’s no sign of his anxiety. Gina does not give you the answers, but strategically helps you find them yourself.” Kristen- Sydney

“Gina worked with our two sons, both in their early twenties, who had been struggling to identify career paths that truly resonated with them. Gina helped them to identify career paths which better aligned with their interests and passions than the paths they were currently on. There’s more work to go of course, but now they have a sense of purpose and confidence and know what they are training and building experience towards.

I recommend Gina and her services to all young people (and their parents) seeking an informed and experienced guide to help them navigate the myriad of career options out there towards meaningful and rewarding careers, rather than finding just another job.” Mark – Canberra

“When I first approached Gina to explore my career options, I did so with some scepticism but ultimately thought I had nothing to lose. I knew I wanted and needed a change and I didn’t want to take a leap of faith into something new without being sure it was right for me, and I also didn’t know what that something new would be! Never did I imagine that I would come out of the process with such a different and exciting career ahead of me.

Gina’s sessions are thoughtful, enlightening and challenging. She really helps you to find out who you really are so that you make decisions about your future career purposefully. For the first time in 40 years I am making career decision based on what drives me rather than the bumpy-ride I’ve had from career by accident so far.” Jo- Sydney

“I highly recommend working with Gina to anyone who wants to understand why they’re unhappy in their current career/job, and what it is they should look for in their next career move. Gina’s approach is very personal, helping you gain greater awareness of your own personality, strengths and weaknesses, personal and professional values, life story as a whole, and how it bears on your professional development.

Gina helps you narrow down a wide field of opportunities into a set of several for you to explore, and points you to the next actionable steps and helpful resources. You walk away feeling that you’ve found a friend/mentor, someone who is on your side, but also has the objectivity and professional training to provide honest, constructive feedback and recommendations. Thank you Gina for your work and support!.” Joan- Sydney

“At the time I engaged Extraordinary You I’d recently been made redundant and was seriously questioning my professional value yet all it took was some time committing to what Gina had to offer to realise I still had a lot to offer, provided it was in an environment I would flourish in, which became the key focus in my new career direction. Extraordinary You is an extremely worthwhile investment.” Lawrence- Sydney

“You were incredibly efficient, and the lady I referred and paid for enjoyed her experience, not knowing where she was heading in life, and now knows exactly what she wants to do with her future, Thank you for helping her.” Karen- Sydney

“I went to Gina for guidance shortly after finishing my PhD. I had been applying for jobs for 6 months with no success and was stuck in a dead-end job to pay the bills. With Gina’s help, I learned about the elements I need in a career to keep me happy and fulfilled, which made me better able to target my search and write compelling cover letters. It took a few more months of searching, but I now have three offers to choose from, each with different and interesting opportunities.” Rebecca- Sydney

“We found the experience to be very relaxed and informative, it was challenging to find out about yourself and how we are as a person. The process was comfortable but also challenging in reflecting about yourself and also how to progress to the next step.
The consultations were informative and gave clarity to issues relating to self-doubt and confusion.
Nathan- Sydney

“Gina was energetic, focused and committed to understanding my current situation and helping to find a path through what I considered to be barriers to finding work and a career that ‘fitted’. Having the opportunity to work with Gina was a great help in moving forward and identifying where I want to go next.” Mary- Sydney

Gina was exactly the type of person I needed to make me feel more positive about a career change at 50. I was nervous about investing the money in the sessions, but I’m very pleased I did. Gina helped me focus on what I really wanted, and gave me the tools to work towards it. I’m still scared about the future, but now also a little bit excited.” Nicola- Sydney

After my child graduated from school, he had no idea what direction to follow, exacerbated by a course he was doing that he was really not enjoying. Someone suggested that he try a careers counsellor and through a friend who works in organisational psychology, we found Gina’s website.

I called Gina and she was immediately interested in everything I had to relay to her; was very clear and transparent about how she could help, the process and the financials. She immediately made me feel that entrusting her to assist my child with future careers counselling would place us in a safe pair of hands.

Gina was true to her word. Once the process started, she made us feel at ease and, observing the sessions, I could literally see the lightbulb moments for my child, who started to feel hopeful about the future.

My child now has a clear direction to follow and feels infinitely more comfortable about future choices.

I cannot recommend Gina highly enough and would certainly use her again.” Ilana- Sydney

“Gina Bell helped me uncover why I am who I am today based on activities and past experiences. She provided me with characteristics that defines me, from which I am now able to comfortably decide on a career that will suit my needs.”Alistair- Sydney

“I contacted Extraordinary You at a time when I was very unhappy in my current situation and confused about what I wanted to do. Gina helped me to gain the clarity I needed and build confidence to move forward in my career. I found the sessions to be invaluable and really appreciate Gina helping me get to where I am today.” Lydia- Sydney

“After realising I wasn’t entirely happy in nursing, I decided to reach out to Gina for clarity and direction. From the first phone call, I felt an instant warmth with Gina, and it was evident how passionate she was about helping people discover their career paths.

Throughout the program, I learnt so much about myself and the possible career opportunities out there, and gained enough knowledge and courage to take the next step into the right direction. Months later, and I am no longer a nurse, but I’ve never been happier. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Gina and her amazing mentorship. I can’t recommend her enough!” Fae- Sydney

“Gina helped me to clarify some issues I had. I now feel confident, prepared and motivated to launch my career in Australia. Thank you Gina!!!” Christina- Sydney

“From my first phone call, Gina was engaging and interested in my son’s story. She connected with him and presented her service clearly and expertly.” Tracey- Sydney

“Working with Extraordinary You helped me better understand and work towards a career path which would better suit my personality type and inner motivations.” Arthur- Sydney

“Gina is a skilled professional with a warm and friendly manner. She helped me to gain a deeper understanding of my strengths, weaknesses and preferences and how these translate into a career path. This knowledge has proved invaluable in giving me the clarity I’ve long been searching for, and I’ll always be grateful for her assistance.” Sean- Sydney

“Working with Gina was exactly what I needed. I was very confused about my career direction, and the next steps to take in my career journey. Gina helped me to rediscover my career values and priorities and to have the courage to take steps in the direction that truly felt right, made me feel happy and fit with my long-term plan.

I gained resources that I will use throughout my career and the self-knowledge and awareness of what my career needs and values are that I will use as a basis for decisions moving forward. Gina was always available to talk, even when I needed to reschedule on short notice and I really appreciate all her help. I have already recommended her to my friends and would definitely
come back for a career check up in the future!”
Natalie- Sydney

“Gina is a highly informative, invested and experienced advisor who conducted & provided me with extremely practical and thoughtful advice, which I have been able to implement. She has helped me tremendously in gaining a greater sense of clarity regarding my career path and I can’t thank her enough for her help.” Eliza- Sydney

“Gina provides a 5 star service and brings great energy and passion to help you build momentum and move forward with the process. Gina is able to analyse and share tools and knowledge that allows you to take stock, reset and move forward with a different perspective – armed for career change! Personally the best and most rewarding career service I have experienced.” Declan- Sydney

“Gina, was great. When I first arrived I was really lost with no direction and had no Idea of what i wanted to do. Sure I had some thoughts but never knew why or where my strengths would be. After the 2nd session and with all the tests, I definitely felt a lot better, more clear and confident in what I want to do.” Chris- Sydney

” Gina was fantastic at analysing and explaining my personality profile. This has proved to be invaluable in helping me understand what I need, to work effectively and feel fulfilled. I also feel more confident about my strengths and open to improving some other skill-sets. I would greatly recommend this service for those considering a career change or looking for options in your current career.” Heather- Sydney

“After leaving a toxic work environment exhausted and demoralised, I felt like my career was shipwrecked. On top of this, I was now unemployed and thought I was the last person a career counsellor would ever be able to help. From the first phone call, Gina put my fears to rest and gave me the tools and reassurance I needed to chart a course back into meaningful employment. I wish that I had done this course earlier in life. Nevertheless, it is never too late to make the change and do something that will benefit you for the rest of your working life.” David- Sydney

“I found myself lost in my career life. Gina has provided me with not only career advice but as well as resourceful tools. Firstly, she helped me get my head around what I would like to do and after how to achieve it. I have met Gina personally as well as over Skype, her personality, professional attitude, as well as vast knowledge, are impressive. Through our sessions, I decided to take on extra help with my CV preparation. She has been a great support for my work journey.” Michaela- Sydney

“Working with Gina has completely changed my life. I was directionless and lost at the beginning of this year and after a few short months of working with her and applying what I was learning, I now know exactly where I want to go and exactly how to get there! I love the support and encouragement that Gina provides, she has such an in depth knowledge of what is happening in the job market and what potential employers are looking for.

She is real, practical and will help you understand yourself and what you have to offer the world. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” Stephanie- Canberra

“I contacted Gina as I was going through a very difficult time in my career. I was looking for some guidance, direction and purpose, as I was very unhappy in what I was doing. I found Gina to be very caring and understanding of my situation as well as being very passionate and knowledgeable in her profession. She was able to provide me with guidance, advice and confidence at a very difficult period in my career.” Andrew- Sydney

“Before I contacted Gina, I was unsure as where I was headed career wise. She was very professional, warm, insightful and gave me clarity for my future career direction. I was very happy I pursued ‘Extraordinary You’ because if I hadn’t, I’d probably still be going around in circles. I enjoyed each consultation and feel motivated to keep going and pursue new things. Gina was a pleasure to deal with.

As I live interstate, the process was completed over Skype and phone and still feel I had met her face to face- I felt comfortable straight away. If you are stuck in a bit of a career rut, ‘Extraordinary You’ is well worth the investment.
Do it- you won’t look back!”
Lilly- Canberra

“Gina cares! Gina is passionate about helping people find themselves and through finding themselves they are able to find the right career for them. I highly recommend Gina.” Dean- Sydney

“Gina gave me some invaluable tools to assess my own strengths and weaknesses. This has helped me adjust and analyse my career path.” Georgina- South-East New South Wales

“Gina is extremely passionate and dedicated. She is determined to work with you to find out what drives and helps you so that you can make your own decisions and take the steps to plan a career path that will excite you each and every day. I found her sessions extremely fulfilling and I felt more driven than ever to achieve my goals after working with her.
Thank you.”
Kristen- Sydney

“I found working through Extraordinary You to be a great experience. It has given me the clarity I needed to look at changing my career. I found that looking at my values and passions in life aligning them to career options to be a very useful part of the process.” Nikky- Sydney

“I really valued my time with Gina and the results of the program. Until our meeting I had never truly spoken to someone about what was important to me in my career and how to best go about achieving that. I would recommend anyone who was looking to implement change in their working life, or who could use a professional opinion on their current role, to not hesitate to speak to Gina.” Greg- Sydney

“I would recommend Gina’s services to friends and family that are feeling stuck and frustrated with regards to their career path. Gina took me on a unique career counselling journey where I learnt a great deal about myself along the way. I learnt to value the contribution that I can make as a distinctive individual and Gina guided me as regards to mapping out a plan for how I can move into a role more aligned to my personality and my unique “story”.

I found the personalisation of the consultation invaluable and Gina created a safe and encouraging environment in which I felt comfortable and supported. Following our 3 sessions, I now have the tools to guide my own journey and to carve out the path of least resistance to fulfilling career life.
Thanks Gina!”
Sarah- Sydney

“Gina was adept at reframing my moments of career-related doubt as a positive tool to hone in on what it was which truly motivated me. She applied a personalised yet structured approach that will be easy to apply to my current situation as well as future career crossroads.” Sidney- Sydney

“Having committed 19 years to my family and to volunteering my services, I decided that it was time to see if I could get back into the workforce. Friends and family were all very supportive, offering endless suggestions for the types of jobs I could do. The suggestions, though positive, seemed empty and their multiplicity was overwhelming. I felt that I needed to find something other than “a job”- I needed a foundation. There were, however, a number of roadblocks to my re entry into the workforce – self doubt, confusion, indecision.

I trawled the internet in search of someone who could help but it was not until a trusted friend recommended Gina that I felt that I had found the right direction. In fact, I had struck gold in Gina. Her process has allowed me to focus on my core values, affirming my personality and giving me the freedom and confidence to explore workforce opportunities. She answers more than “What job should I do or what career should I follow?” ; Gina gives you tools which will help you seek a meaningful existence both in the workforce and in your personal life.” Gabrielle- Sydney

“I approached Extraordinary You when I felt I had lost all control in what I was doing even though I was trying to pursue advancement and satisfaction in my career. When Gina helped me resurface my personal values, I felt a light bulb turn on inside of me but it was also the ongoing support from Gina afterwards that I would thoroughly recommend. I was able to build my confidence, explore my passions and discover the many, many possibilities out there.” Amy- Sydney

“After years of feeling paralysed and stuck in a an endless career rut, I took the plunge and completed the Rediscover and Redesign package. Gina was able to help me to find a career that I was better suited to and the steps to make the transition happen. With her help, I have been able to change to a new career and scored a job that is me.

She is knowledgeable as well as professional in her approach and has a great understanding of the job market and changes that are going on in it. There is no way I could have done this by myself and working with Gina was well worth it. I recommend her to anyone procrastinating about a career change and cannot thank her enough for coaching me through a process for a new me to occur. I am finally happy about my work and my new career. The feeling of being paralysed is a distant memory.” Robert- Sydney

“I first approached Extraordinary You simply to understand my career options and have left understanding myself as well. The personal insights I have gained will guide my career path for years to come and provide a solid foundation for decision-making as I begin a new career. The program has been fun, interactive, and enjoyable. Thank you!” David- Sydney

“I contacted Gina at a time of crossroads in my work, I had a job where I was getting positive feedback about my performance, but felt stuck as I was not growing personally or professionally and needed a change but was not sure what or how to approach figuring that out. My work with Gina helped me to take a step back and reflect on my skills and values. I am now applying for new roles and excited about the prospect of applying my skills in a new way. My work with Gina has increased my confidence to apply and interview for roles that I previously may not have known how to approach.” Sophia, Sydney

“Having just spent 6 weeks working with Gina, I cannot recommend her highly enough. I feel truly ready and excited about what I have to offer a far cry from the woman who entered her office. I had lost confidence in my abilities and felt quite confused about the direction I should head. As a working mother who has undergone her own career change, Gina understood immediately where I was coming from.

Within the first session she had helped me identify my core values, vital to ensuring I can feel satisfied, motivated and appreciated in a chosen occupation. She helped me explore and work through the options. Her most powerful gift was empowering me with a sense of clarity in knowing the kind of work I wanted to do, and a sense of control and confidence to make it happen. Gina is a very supportive mentor through the whole process getting you to examine whats blocking you, why you have discarded certain ideas, and providing practical advice on resumes and interviewing techniques. Money well worth spending.” Karen, Sydney

“Gina was very helpful in providing me with guidance and confidence during a tough time in my career. I really appreciated her knowledge, support and high level of client care.” Jay- Sydney

“I would definitely recommend Gina to whoever is looking to clarify their career options and career development. She has been very patient and helpful in terms of guiding me to realize my own interests and values for a rewarding career and future life choices. She understands my concerns and worries even I came from an international background and assisted me to made smart job choices during the time we worked together (even though I had many interests).

I am really satisfied with the result of our consultation is to create a career for myself but not confined into one route according to my situation, she is open-minded and creative when it comes to career solutions. Her previous corporate background and currently being an entrepreneur also helped me to recognize the benefit of different career paths. Career is one of the most important decision in life, if you want to work with someone who is professional at the same time being caring and supportive throughout the process, Gina is the best choice!” Jade, Sydney

“I would recommend Gina to anyone that has a concern for their child leaving school. I found Gina to be professional and informative and would recommend her services.”Alan, Greater Western Sydney

International Client Reviews

“I can’t recommend Gina highly enough-unfaltering in her encouragement and insight, I’m grateful for the sessions we had together, in terms of value for money. Gina has such a personable and relatable approach, that what could appear to be a daunting and overwhelming task is made easy work and even enjoyable! Gina creates a comfortable space to be open, reflective and to build self-awareness of my core values, interests and skills.

She has brought clarity to my career goals (something I had been trying to do for a while) and has filled me with the confidence- and most importantly, practical knowledge-of how to obtain a fulfilling career. Gina’s extensive and sound understanding of the current job market in Australia- and her own work experience- was invaluable. She has equipped me with lots of useful tools and resources to help me long into the future. Thank you Gina and I wish you much continued success that is well deserved.” Emma- London

“I want to thank Gina, for her help and her professionalism, and her kindness and personal approach. I am so happy and lucky to found Gina to help me out with my career path. I wanted to find someone with a personal and professional approach and that could work with me been in France at the time, And I found all of that and more with Gina.

The last past three to four years, I was thinking of a new career path but I was not sure of what to do. I had some ideas but nothing sure and I didn’t know where to begin. The work with Gina gave me a clear understanding of who I am and what kind of job will suit me. Her program is complete, very interesting with great tools, which I will be able to use in the future. As I was going along with the program, I started it to see a clearer path.

By the end of the program, I knew exactly where to begin and what to do next. I learn a lot about myself. I have a much better understanding of who I am today and what are my values and found a career aligned with who I am. I am very excited about my new chapter and looking for a new beginning.

I recommend Gina to everyone.” Martine- France

“I would highly recommend Gina’s services to anyone feeling like they are in a career rut, or in need of a change. I have walked away with a fresh outlook on who I am, where my strengths lie and what makes me happy within a workplace, and I have completely transformed my CV and career direction to reflect this. Thank you Gina for being a wonderful mentor and showing me the light!” Claire- London

“Brilliant, effective, and efficient service! Gina gave clarity and confidence to my indecisive uncertainty as to what career pathways to take and consider!
Would definitely recommend to those confused as to what the future holds!”
Gabriella-New Zealand

“I came to Gina with the aim of gaining clearer direction and clarification on how to better align my dreams and desires with the reality of my career choices and am glad to say that the Extraordinary You service has been just what I needed to help me do that. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gina and loved the great insight she was able to give to help me better understand myself and work through and overcome certain obstacles. I now feel much more confident and assured of what steps to take in order to be true to myself and pursue a career I will love.” Maureen- London

“As a parent, I am so happy that Gina applied her exceptional expertise to guide my twin 17-year-old daughters. She helped them to identify and articulate their personalities, their values and their dreams and to convert that into practical directions that inspire the two of them. I couldn’t have asked for more.” Angus-New Zealand

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