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Reinvent Your Career Expo- Changing Careers?

reinvent your career expo
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Reinvent Your Career Expo- Changing Careers?


Considering changing careers? The Reinvent Your Career Expo 2016 to be held in Melbourne and Sydney may be just what you are looking for. Held over two days Saturday 25th June and Sunday 26th June 2016 in Melbourne and Saturday 22nd October and Sunday 23rd October 2016 in Sydney, it is the largest career and employment expo for Adults.

If you are stuck in a career rut and are looking for a new career direction, you can access free seminars, professional career counsellors, career workshops, free resume reviews and employers all under the one roof.

Tips while you are at the Careers Expo

1. Plan your day. Work out how many hours you have available to spend at the expo and who you want to talk to in depth.

2. Prepare yourself for long delays if you are seeking free career health checks and free resume reviews. Prior years have seen long queues of keen career changers seeking out career advice.

3. Ask lots of questions to gather career knowledge from employers and educators in your area of work interest. Consider things that are important to you and don’t be shy in finding out about the work environment, qualifications required and current jobs that are available.

4. Have a notebook and pen handy for the free career workshops and free career seminars that will be held over the two days.

Professional Career Advice & Career Counselling at Show

I had the opportunity to volunteer my professional career services in previous years to conduct FREE 15 min Career Health Checks for expo visitors at the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) stand in Sydney. It was a great opportunity to meet and talk with job seekers about their career concerns and give them some initial guidance. The benefits you can gain from seeking guidance from a career professional is especially valuable in this current global competitive job market.

Please note- Update to this blog for 2018- This expo is no longer held in Sydney or Melbourne anymore. Organisation who organised it no longer is in operation.