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Rediscover & Redesign Program- Career Change how to make it happen




career change how to


Feeling Confused, Lost and Stuck in a Career or Job you Hate?


Get advice on Career Change how to make it a reality


Choose from the following Rediscover & Redesign Packages:

Starter Package- 2 hours

  • Get started and move forward with how to change career with this starter package
  • Start to get clarity on figuring out your purpose and finding work that will be meaningful & give you satisfaction
  • Personalised online assessments covering personality preferences, your interests, values, skills and Obstacles
  • Comprehensive career pathway plan report- 5 reports in total
  • One-on-One 2 hour personalised change advice session with Gina Bell

Benefits to You

  • Break the procrastination cycle with making this first step towards changing careers
  • Feel less fear that comes from feeling confused and overwhelmed when changing paths
  • 2 hour career change advice consultation can be delivered face to face via Skype if you can’t travel to office (ideal for sydneysiders who don’t have time for travel, interstate and international clients)
  • Be in the drivers seat for your career change
  • Assessments & reporting based on current methodology &research at international standards

Comprehensive Package- 4 hours

  • Get clarity & direction on your new career path and work purpose with this step-by-step comprehensive program
  • Includes a 2 hour face to face change advice consultation + 2 additional 1 hour career coaching consultations by telephone or Skype
  • Personalised online assessments covering personality preferences, your interests, values, skills, obstacles plus transferable skills
  • Comprehensive career pathway plan report- 7 reports in total
  • One-on-One 4 hour personalised change advice & coaching sessions with Gina Bell

Benefits to You

  • Take away the confusion and stress you are currently feeling
  • Proven results with clients who have benefited and experienced the comprehensive 4 Hour Rediscover & Redesign program- Testimonials
  • Explore all your ideas & options with an objective, experienced, professionally qualified CDAA practitioner
  • Get confident with changing career at any age and stop procrastinating about making the switch
  • Get consultation & mentoring sessions at a pace & time that suits you
  • Program can be delivered anywhere around the world in the comfort of your own home
  • Personalised & comprehensive career reporting &assessments
  • Career development assessments/ reports/tools based on current methodology & research at international standards

Customise your Package with 1 hour add on consultations:

  • Resume Critique- Learn how to write your own winning resume for your new career
  • Interview Preparation- Get the latest interview preparation information to winning that perfect job
  • Job Search- Learn how to find a job in your new career industry

Why Choose to Work with Me

  • 100% committed to help you get unstuck and onto the path of work that makes you happy
  • Having changed careers myself, I understand the real & practical steps on how to change careers successfully
  • Get peace of mind and confidence you are working with a professionally qualified career development practitioner. Dual membership with CDAA in Australia & NCDA in USA.
  • Benefit from my vast business, job and economic library of knowledge, vital in a fast-changing global work environment.
  • Always experience the 5 star personalised service as you work with me directly.

Latest Reviews

A sample of reviews from wonderful clients that I have had the pleasure of working with.

“Working with Gina has completely changed my life. I was directionless and lost at the beginning of this year and after a few short months of working with her and applying what I was learning, I now know exactly where I want to go and exactly how to get there! I love the support and encouragement that Gina provides, she has such an in depth knowledge of what is happening in the job market and what potential employers are looking for. She is real, practical and will help you understand yourself and what you have to offer the world. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” Stephanie- Canberra, completed 4 Hour Rediscover & Redesign Package

“Gina provides a 5-star service and brings great energy and passion to help you build momentum and move forward with the process. Gina is able to analyse and share tools and knowledge that allows you to take stock, reset and move forward with a different perspective – armed for career change! Personally the best and most rewarding career service I have experienced” Declan- Sydney, completed 4 Hour Rediscover & Redesign Package

“Before I contacted Gina, I was unsure as where I was headed career-wise. She was very professional, warm, insightful and gave me clarity for my future career direction. I was very happy I pursued ‘Extraordinary You’ because if I hadn’t, I’d probably still be going around in circles. I enjoyed each consultation and feel motivated to keep going and pursue new things. Gina was a pleasure to deal with. As I live interstate, the process was completed over Skype and phone and still feel I had met her face to face- I felt comfortable straight away. If you are stuck in a bit of a career rut, ‘Extraordinary You’ is well worth the investment. Do it- you won’t look back! Lilly- Canberra, completed 4 Hour Rediscover & Redesign Package

Call me today on 0434 028 025 or drop me an email via the Contact Us Page and let’s have a quick chat about your specific situation. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are not looking for advice for changing careers and are just seeking some fast career advice about another issue, consider my On Demand Career Advice Line where we can chat for 30 minutes within 24 to 48 hours.