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Will new Gradjobs be available at the end of your degree?

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Will new Gradjobs be available at the end of your degree?

This is a question perhaps most university students don’t ask or want to worry about at this point unless they are in final year. There seems to be a misconception that having a university degree will guarantee you new gradjobs. That might have been the case in the late 1980’s but not these days.

If you are a new university student who is unsure whether the degree you have chosen is the right investment , it may be an idea to read an article by Tony Featherstone ‘Is university worth it?’ published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

I don’t think there is any hard or fast rule but when making decisions about the learning and career pathway you want to take, just make sure you have all the facts and knowledge at your disposal. Many students are in danger of defaulting to going to university because their parents have done so or their friends are going. This is one of the most common career decision traps students fall into. They then study for four or five years for a degree they have no passion for.

There are many universities competing to entice students to ensure their financial viability and sustainability. Not just local students but international students as well. When I’ve talked about the flow on effects of globalisation, universities are not excluded. They are currently competing against high quality overseas universities and it’s worth big money to the university to keep you enrolled. The average degree can cost you a six figure amount. So when talking to a university keep this in mind, their motivations may be quite different to yours.

I personally loved attending and teaching at university. For me, I personally needed the academic challenges that it provided my mind. I think it comes down to doing a cost/benefit analysis as well as analysing what you will gain personally from going to university. Start to strategically think about how university will get you closer to the work that matters to you, whether you are prepared to financially commit to a six figure degree and whether you have a flexible career plan to securing a graduate position.

When making any major financial and personal decisions, rather than default to what is expected of you or what others around you are doing, make sure you are doing the research and making a decision that will ultimately get you closer to your career goal.