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Should I start a Business? Move from Employee to Business Owner

should i start a business


Should I start a Business? Will it be the right career move for you?


If you are thinking to quit your job and start a small business, complete this package before you make that decision.

Before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, preparation and gathering knowledge is key. The greatest asset you will bring to your business is YOU! If you know nothing about the steps to take when starting a business, let’s find out whether first if it’s the right choice for you. It may save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

How you Benefit

  • Save money and time before you make make the decision to start a business
  • 6-Hours of professional Career Change Advice to small business ownership
  • Evaluate with confidence whether starting a small business is the right career change for you
  • Find out what your specific business skills & talents are
  • Learn how to develop and apply your business skills & talents
  • Learn about your motivations, strengths and blind spots
  • Get an overview of the ups, downs and reality of running a small business
  • Cutting edge global research-based entrepreneurial assessment and reporting
  • Personalised research based Career Change assessments and reporting

Why Choose to Work with Me

  • 100% understand the entrepreneur road ahead making the transition from employee to actually running a small business
  • Front line diverse range of industry business experience & knowledge
  • Get an objective perspective on your entrepreneurial ideas
  • Professionally qualified Career Development Practitioner, member of Career Development Association of Australia
  • Expect excellence in client care and service

The Entrepreneur Advice Start-Up package will give you the knowledge and tools to understand whether running a small business is a good career move for you.

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