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1:1 Career Employee Development Program- Repurpose & Realign

employee development program


Personalised 1:1 Career Employee Development Program

Are you a proactive CEO, Senior Manager or HR Organisational Leader?

Do you care and want to invest in your employee’s wellbeing & work satisfaction?

Want to help your employees to take control of their Career Development?

For organisations around the world including yours Covid-19 has accelerated the pace of change. For every workplace disruption has emerged as the new normal.

Employees and organisations are facing change together daily. The employer and employee relationship has changed. Employees want more from their employers. Their well-being and finding work that matters to them is more important than ever.

In June 2021, Gallup found that in Australia those organisations that enriched their relationships with employees during the Covid-19 pandemic successfully transitioned their workers to remote work. This looked after the well-being of employees and employers and employees could continue to work to achieve organisational goals.

For employers having the right people in the right jobs is vital today. It leads to business growth, innovation & retention.

There is no doubt that the greatest asset you have in your organisation is your employees: Your Human Capital.

Today, organisational leaders have the unique challenge and opportunity. That’s what this employee development program is about.

They can repurpose & realign existing employees to ride the waves of disruption. This is based on their skills, capabilities, employee career development goals & their potential.


• Do you know the real potential of every employee in your organisation?

• How prepared is your business for the next disruption?

• Are you at risk of losing your top talent to the competition?

• Does your organisation have the right people and skills to pivot?

Research of the benefits of a Career Employee Development Program include Employee Job Satisfaction, increased career competencies, increased employee performance, increased market growth, increased organisational performance and employee retention.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits to you and your employees let’s talk today on 0434 028 025. More detailed information is available for employers who care about their employees.

I would love to hear from you.

Let’s create a workplace that connects purpose-driven work that benefits you as an organisation and your employees during these disruptive times.

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