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Dream Job in Mind? – 4 Career Lessons from MasterChef Australia

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Dream Job in Mind? – 4 Career Lessons from MasterChef Australia

If you didn’t think getting a dream job was possible, you were not watching last night’s MasterChef Australia. As 1.4 million viewers tuned in for last night’s grand finale of Australia’s MasterChef 2015, deserving winner Billie McKay showed she had the sturdy determination to realise her dream job despite being behind 4 points after the second of three rounds to come out on top. Watching others realise their career dreams inspires us to think of what could be possible for us despite our current circumstances.

There are 4 career lessons we can all take from a MasterChef Journey.

1. Be clear on your dream job. Knowing what you want to do comes from knowing the ‘why’ you want to pursue that career direction. You only get one shot at life so while you are healthy and able, you have duty to yourself to find out the what and why. You don’t want to have any regrets.

2. Take risks and prepare to fail. Along each contestants MasterChef journey we witnessed good days and bad days in the kitchen. Those who took a risk may have failed but it’s whether they learnt from the failure and had the courage to try again determined whether they go closer to their goal. Despite societal pressure painting failure as a bad thing, it’s the only way we learn. Have the courage to embrace failure and take calculated risks. If you give up too early, your growth as a person will stall and will never know if you had an opportunity to succeed.

3. Have belief and confidence in yourself. So many individuals can lack these two qualities for many reasons. Perhaps it’s having bad bosses undermining your abilities in past jobs, teachers not believing in you when you were at school or surrounding yourself with negative people that zap your positive energy. When you have belief and confidence, nothing will stop you. You will be force to be reckoned with.

4. New opportunities are everywhere. While Billie took home the prize money of $250,000, a new car and a monthly column in a prestigious food magazine, she scored the biggest opportunity of a lifetime, a dream job with Heston Blumenthal. The opportunity to work alongside the master of multisensory cookery is priceless for an amateur cook yet to realise her potential.

While we all acknowledge that appearing on Master Chef can fast track your food industry career quickly, the overall career lesson is that anything is possible. If Billie had never tried and persisted, someone else would have and the result last night may have been quite different.