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What Job Suits Me Best? For Young Adults 18 to 25 Years of Age

what job suits me best


What Job Suits Me Best? – For Young Adults
18 to 25 Years of Age


Asking yourself – What job should I do ? or What career suits me ? your not alone.
Many young adults are leaving the school gate with little or next to no career development education.

My Discover & Design program is designed to give you the skills to know what to do now and how to make future new career choices.

If you are:
Confused what you are doing with your life
Searching for meaning and purpose
Need Career Clarity & Direction

Let’s work on it together, you will be amazed what you discover about yourself through the program.

This 3 Hour Career Program will help you finally get the answer to what you should be doing with your life

You’re tired of not knowing how to find the right job or career
Sick of inadequate & unreliable online career testing that leaves you more confused
Want help choosing a job or career
Thinking of dropping your University course

Get the answers you have been dreaming and searching for

Only 2 comprehensive consultations to get Clarity & Direction. You can stop wasting time and get on with your life


What’s included

  • Independent, unbiased career guidance by Gina Bell, a professionally qualified CDAA career coach
  • Comprehensive Professional Career Assessment Quiz for young adults aged 18 to 25 years of age
  • Comprehensive Personalised Career Pathway Plan Report highlighting your Strengths, Motivations,
    Personality Preferences, Career Interests, Values and Skills
  • By the end of program you will be clear and confident with your first career choice
  • 2 hours of Face to Face Careers Advice & Careers Guidance + 1 Hour Face to Face follow up consultation
  • Up to Date labour market information in Australia on your Career Interest Area

Overall Benefits to You

Investing in Yourself

This is a major first decision in your life. I want to support you so that you can make the right career decision for you and only you.
Don’t spend thousands in education fees and years of your life studying something that has no meaning or purpose to you. Get the right career information now and never doubt yourself again.

Now is the time to invest in the most important asset you will ever own, YOU!

The program is fast & easy and designed to give you the support and help you need getting you the right start to your Career Life.

I will let you in on a Big Secret- The biggest mistakes other young adults are making today when making career decisions are as follows:

1. They rely on free online career personality testing to tell them what to do with the next 50 years of their life
2. They waste time making career searches on Google without any strategy or focus
3. They get unqualified career advice from family and friends who are not untrained & unqualified in Career Development
4. They choose jobs and careers that will make other people happy rather than to do what will make them happy
5. Many young adults are wasting years of their lives trying different career paths ending up with no career pathway

Call me today on 0434 028 025 if you want to get clarity on answering the question ‘What is the career for me?’ It will be the best investment you make for your future. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

Latest Reviews

“Gina was incredible! Her guidance and insight left me feeling more confident within myself and with clarity about my future endeavours. Couldn’t recommend this service enough if you’re feeling confused or doubtful about your future.” Ruby- Brisbane

“You were incredibly efficient, and the lady I referred and paid for enjoyed her experience, not knowing where she was heading in life, and now knows exactely what she wants to do with her future, Thank you for helping her”. Karen- Sydney

“From my first phone call, Gina was engaging and interested in my son’s story. She connected with him and presented her service clearly and expertly” Tracey- Sydney