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Kickstart an Awesome New Career at 40- Checklist before you Begin!

new career at 40
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Kickstart an Awesome New Career at 40- Checklist before you Begin!

Career Change at 40 or 50 appears to be an overwhelming task to tackle mid-life. If you need a new career at 40, a resume full of well-earned experience and skills will not necessarily guarantee you a job.

While you have had your head down working or raising kids for the past so many years, the world of work has changed significantly. Throw the pandemic Covid-19 into the mix and you need a whole new mindset on how to negotiate the uncertain job market of 2021.

Whether you find yourself wanting a midlife career change or looking for a new job, having the latest career education will be your secret weapon to getting what you need from the job market.

New Career at 40 Start Guide

Here is just a quick career change guide appetiser to get you started.

Get Laser Sharp Focussed

What job and career life do you want for the second half of your life?

Advances in medicine have given you a potential of 40 plus years of living, so don’t waste the opportunity you have ahead of you. You may regret it when it’s too late. If you want meaningful and purposeful work, you need to invest in yourself.

Do some serious career planning. What you are looking for at midlife is quite different from what you were looking for when you were 20 years old. Desires to perform meaningful work with less stress and less pressure are usually high on the list.

Getting off the work treadmill and allowing for work-life balance is a priority for many at this age.

Clear all Obstacles

What’s standing in your way? The list can be quite long for some, common obstacles at midlife are usually fear of failure and procrastination. Talk these issues out and boot them for good.

You will feel like a fresh recruit full of confidence, ready to market yourself to prospective employers. You don’t want old baggage holding you back, especially if you are changing industries.

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Be Clear on your Values

Have you ever experienced major conflict or upheaval in past work environments?

It would most likely have been because your values didn’t align with the organization’s mission. If you are aware of your values, you control making the right choice of work environment where you will feel less stress and less conflict.

Refuse to Accept the Victim Mentality

Worried you are going to be discriminated against because of your age? If you want a new career at 40 and you approach the job search with this mindset, your body language will follow, and you will set yourself up for disappointment.

Would you invest in a positive, upbeat person or a person who has a defeated look on their face as soon as they walk in the door? A growth mindset is vital.

It’s all about marketing yourself much like a start-up business, where it is your responsibility to convince the employer why you have more value than 300 others who may have applied for the same job. If you want a career change, learn what transferable skills you have to offer the market. Learn how to market them with success.

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Learn about the Hidden Job Market

It may be the edge you need. 70% to 80% of jobs that you may desire are not being advertised on typical job sites. Having the latest job search strategies at your fingertips puts you way ahead of your competition.

The job market can be tight in some sectors, but employers are still hiring. You are just not seeing the job positions being traditionally advertised like they used to.

Consider all Career Options

You may want to retrain for your career change, take short courses, find part-time work, start a business, or work as a consultant. The options are endless if you are serious about planning this next part of your career life. A new Career at 40 can present you with many options.

Having a brainstorming session with a qualified career professional who has broad industry and business knowledge will allow you to leave no stone unturned and get it right before wasting precious time.

Look after yourself Physically and Mentally

It is common to feel worn down from raising kids, looking after elderly parents, working 9 to 5, and not paying much attention to yourself, believe me, I know! Keep active, eat right, and treat yourself to a reward occasionally.

The above is just a taster, imagine what the future could hold if you are ready to look at your career options seriously.

If you want to stop wasting time and find out what those options are for a new career at 40 and beyond, consider my Rediscover & Redesign 4-hour Career Change Program.