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Teenager Career Advice- 6 Career Guidance Tips for Parents of Teenagers

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Teenager Career Advice- 6 Career Guidance Tips for Parents of Teenagers

Research conducted by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research in June 2014 has confirmed that parental influence plays a highly significant role in a teenager’s career aspirations.

Parents take note, I want to share some career advice for teenagers to get you started.

1. Listen to your Teenager’s Career Aspirations

Clear your busy schedule for some time out to discuss and listen to your teenager about their initial career thoughts. Respect your teenager’s dreams, use them as a starting point for many more family discussions about their career future. Communication can take place at the dinner table or can work well if you go to a neutral environment outside of the family home. I find teenage boys tend to communicate better if you take them outdoors for a walk. Do what suits your family relationship.

2. Engage in Career Development

Steps of self-discovery, detailed career exploration, career decision-making, building career tools and creating a flexible career plan all fit snugly under the Career Development umbrella. Assess whether your teenager has engaged in any initial Career Development at school. Career Development provides your teenager with the skills and knowledge to manage their career lives, learning and future work. Learning about who they are, what their strengths, likes, dislikes, interests and beliefs are, gives them the foundation upon which to make career decisions about their future.

If you have no knowledge about what Career Development can do for your teenager, contact me on 0434 028 025 to learn about the benefits of this vital career education. The Discover & Design Program Package  I offer can get career clarity & direction quickly and easily for your teenager.

3. Talk to your Teen about Embracing Change 

Talk about how the world of work has changed from when you made your first career choice. Making them aware that change is the new norm in their lives will encourage them to be flexible and adaptable.

Give them examples of your own career life, where you have had to be flexible in this new world of work. Share your struggles and triumphs. Remember that as parents you are your teenagers first role models.

4. Encourage Life Long Learning  

Talk to them about how learning is vital and will continue throughout their chosen career pathway. They will learn through further education, on the job training and short courses throughout their career lives.

Encourage them to get out of their comfort zone and learn skills that will open out many career pathways to them.

5. It’s not about the Destination but the Career Journey

Remind them that the career decision they start with, is only the beginning. Career Pathways no longer follow a straight line but rather have many detours along the way. Encourage them to see every setback as a positive opportunity to do something new and different.

Share your experiences both positive and negative so they can see the chapters you have written in your own career story. Your teens career success will come from helping them understand themselves, understand the new world of work, teaching them how to research their career interests, teaching them how to confidently make career decisions and actioning a flexible career plan that reflects who they want to become into the future.

6. Don’t make the mistake of living out your career dreams through your teenager.

The biggest mistake I see over and over is parents trying to control what their teenager’s career pathway should be. While it’s incredibly hard, your job is to help not hinder your teenager’s career choice. If you try to hinder, your relationship with your child will be at risk and I have seen relationships damaged as a result.

So tread carefully and wisely, your teenager deserves the best knowledge and career guidance they can get when starting out on their career journey. Deciding what to do after school can be an easy and simple decision if you have the right tools, support & knowledge on hand.