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Making the most of a Careers Fair

careers fair
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Making the most of a Careers Fair

A Careers Fair is a great opportunity for employers and universities to be marketing their organisation or learning institution to potential employees or future students. If you are clear about your career direction, take advantage of these careers fair events to find out the reality of your career ideas.

These events are held at various times in each of the Australian major capital cities.There are too many to list here but here is a selection: Western Sydney Careers Expo, HSC and Careers Expo and the Big Meet.

Whether you are a high school student or university student, here are some brief tips when attending these events:

• Make a list of exhibitors you want to speak to on the day. Look at how much time you have and make a top list of must-see exhibitors.

• Research those exhibitors online and find out as much about them as possible.

• Prepare some questions to ask about specific career pathways and specific skills employers are looking for.

• Dress appropriately, smart casual attire is always best.

• Prepare a 30-second introduction about yourself. If you can communicate and listen well during a conversation, you are practising to market yourself early in your career.

• After you have met an exhibitor, take their business card or make a note of their name. Having a contact name may be valuable to you later if you need to contact them again. You have begun to network and learning this early will have you ahead of your competition.

• Don’t take up all of the exhibitors time, be courteous to others who are waiting to talk to the same person. It’s just good etiquette.

• No doubt you will go home with lots of information and a step closer to learning whether the career path you are thinking of will tick all your requirements. Good Luck and enjoy learning about the possibilities available to you!