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Home Schooled Student teaches us about Hacking

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Home Schooled Student teaches us about Hacking

Sit back and listen to what young Logan LaPlante has to say. An inspiring home schooled 13-year-old teenager who is a shining example of how he is taking control of his education and learning, making strategic decisions that will ultimately lead him to living a career life that has purpose and meaning.

Home Schooled Logan highlights the key career skills in Career Development needed for the 21st century, namely creativity, innovation and hacking. He introduces the hacker concept turning not only the traditional educational system on its head but challenges you to think outside the box when it comes to the type of life you want for yourself not the life others expect you to have. He states Hackers are innovators challenging and changing the systems around us to make them different, to make them better.

Home schooled Logan is a perfect example of somebody who is finding and making the most of the opportunities that will support his life purpose. He understands what some adults haven’t let realised that to be happy you need a different mindset to the one you have been taught in a traditional education setting. Logan teaches us that you need to find out what motivates you, what matters to you, being able to spot opportunities and continue long life learning if you are going to make a happy and healthy life.

Awesome job Logan!