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Quick Career Coaching in 30 minutes

 career coaching

30 minute Career Coaching with Gina Bell

Get back in control of your Life!

Your career questions answered with an On-Demand Career Coaching telephone consultation in 30 minutes.

Ideal if you are time-poor, stressed, anxious, feeling stuck, and want to talk to a Career Coach as soon as possible.

Book a telephone consultation with me now and get professional advice on your career or job situation.

Delivered by telephone and usually within 24 to 48 hours.

Career Coaching on topics such as:

  • Getting an annual Career Health Check
  • Job Search Help- Strategies to help with getting a Job in the current uncertain job environment
  • Workplace conflict issues
  • Matters dealing with changes in your workplace because of Covid-19
  • Quick Interview Preparation Skills to ace your ideal job

Benefits to You

  • Speak openly direct with Gina Bell your personal career coach to get objective advice and a fresh perspective on your current career or job issues
  • Take away actionable steps to use immediately
  • Quick & convenient, deal with issues as and when they come up
  • Stop procrastinating about getting professional career advice today
  • Save time & feel less stressed
  • A follow up email is included to see how you are progressing after our consultation
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Call me on 0434028025 to arrange booking.

Please note, as this career coaching session is only 30 minutes, questions regarding Career Change or Career Direction are not covered. If you are seeking a career change or not sure of what career choice to make, you are welcome to peruse my comprehensive programs Discover & Design, Rediscover & Redesign or the Gifted Programs.