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Career Change Advice with Career Change Expert Gina Bell

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Rediscover & Redesign Program


Career Change Advice for Career Changers of any age
make a change with confidence

Thinking about a change in career? You are not alone. Today, expect to experience at least 5 career changes and 17 jobs over your lifetime.

If you are in your 30s, a career change at 30 is not unusual. Millennials no longer want to be stuck in a dead-end job. The solution often is to change jobs/careers after seeking new ideas.

A new career at 40, has you wanting to find balance in your life, reevaluate work hours & fulfillment in your career. If you decide to change careers at 50 and up, this is where you will reassess everything in your life. Different career options will be appealing. A meaningful job becomes a priority in midlife. Its a time to do something different.

The only guarantee I can give you for your life is that you will experience change. You change physically and mentally. Our working lives change as well. COVID-19 is proof of what can happen when change can come out of the blue. Life is uncertain, and we must embrace change with both hands.

If you are aged 25 to 55 years of age, this program is for you

You may be:

Feeling lost, confused, and stuck in a day job you hate?
Burnt out, stressed and lost hope?
Going back to work after a break?
Raised children or cared for elderly parents?
Been made redundant? Feeling lost, what to do?
Seeking different internal role with your employer?

Work with a Professional Qualified Career Change Advisor

Imagine if you could find your purpose & work would feel like play!
Let’s get to work together to look at new career paths for you.

  • Learn ‘How to’ change career before actually making the change
  • I will teach you the small steps to begin the process
  • Fresh, modern holistic approach
  • Professional & special online career quiz based on 10 years of research
  • Comprehensive Career Pathway Plan Report
  • Get Career Clarity & Direction by the end of this tailored career transition program
  • Only 3 Zoom online face-to-face sessions
  • Professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA),
    CDAA is a member of CICA, the Peak National Body for the Career Industry in Australia


Duration & Fee

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Program Fee: Depends on your work experience, age, and where you are in your working life

Gain these benefits

  • Get career change advice and career support that centers around your personal needs
  • Stop wasting time trying to guess what is the right change for you
  • Move from feeling unhappy to happiness at work
  • Eliminate feelings of confusion and stress
  • Stop the unhappiness from spreading to other parts of your life
  • Read my latest reviews of happy clients Reviews
  • Listen to the Career Success Story of one of my clients who made a Career Change following the Rediscover & Redesign program

In addition:

Customise your Program with 1-hour add-on sessions:

  • On-demand coaching- 30-minute or 1-hour session basis
  • Get a Resume Review & Resume Learning 1-hour Session. Learn how to write your winning resume. Learn resume secrets as you prepare for a change of career.
  • A 1-hour Session on Interview Preparation. Get up to date with preparing for an interview to win the job you want. Be ahead of others in a competitive job market.

Why Choose to Work with Me

  • Peace of mind & confidence you are working with a registered & qualified career development practitioner. Current Registration (RPCDP) with the Peak Body Career Industry Council of Australia
  • I have changed careers so I know the steps well to changing careers
  • Many years of career counselling experience. A depth of business/diverse industry experience
  • An outstanding professional reputation. Past clients highly recommended me to their friends and family
  • Genuinely committed to helping you get unstuck & giving you career change help
  • Membership with CDAA , NCDA of USA & Asia Pacific Career Development Association
  • Work directly and only with me
  • Guaranteed to get 5-STAR special service

Let’s have a chat about your potential career move today

Learn how I can move you forward

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Latest Reviews of the Rediscover & Redesign Program

A sample of reviews from wonderful clients that I have had the pleasure of working with who have received help changing career.

‘I needed a complete change’

“If you have doubt’s about where you are in your career life, if it is the right thing for you, maybe you need a change within your industry that you may not see for yourself, or a complete career move then Gina is the person to speak to.

Gina will get to the source of your problems and bring out what is the best inside of you setting the foundations for which career path to take.

Before meeting Gina I didn’t really know what path to take in my career or if I needed a complete change but after consulting with Gina, now I know where to start, how to start and most of all what I want in my career.

She is wonderful to speak to, very professional at what she does and has a strong passion for making sure she is helping her clients. Definitely get in contact with Gina if you are considering career clarity/change! Thanks once again Gina for your help.” Carmelo- Sydney

‘Everyone should do this training’

“Working with Gina has been the best step I’ve ever taken for my career-life and wellbeing. While it was confronting to realise that I had not been following my true passions, the reward of reaching a better understanding of who I am and the path I should take has been invaluable.

Gina’s skill and advice will either give you the comfort of confirming you are in the right career, or if you discover you are not, the courage and ability to change your path. Career satisfaction is possibly the largest contributor to happiness in life – everyone should do this training.” Alex- Sydney

‘I can’t recommend her enough!’

“After realising I wasn’t entirely happy in nursing, I decided to reach out to Gina for clarity and direction. From the first phone call, I felt an instant warmth with Gina, and it was evident how passionate she was about helping people discover their career paths.

Throughout the program, I learnt so much about myself and the possible career opportunities out there, and gained enough knowledge and courage to take the next step into the right direction.

Months later, and I am no longer a nurse, but I’ve never been happier. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Gina and her amazing mentorship. I can’t recommend her enough!” Fae- Sydney

‘Thoughtful, enlightening and challenging’

“When I first approached Gina to explore my career options, I did so with some skepticism but ultimately thought I had nothing to lose. I knew I wanted and needed a change and I didn’t want to take a leap of faith into something new without being sure it was right for me, and I also didn’t know what that something new would be!

Never did I imagine that I would come out of the process with such a different and exciting career ahead of me. Gina’s sessions are thoughtful, enlightening, and challenging. She really helps you to find out who you really are so that you make decisions about your future career purposefully.

For the first time in 40 years, I am making career decisions based on what drives me rather than the bumpy ride I’ve had from a career by accident so far.”  Jo- Sydney

Call me today on 0434 028 025 or drop me an email via the Contact Us Page. Let’s have a quick chat about your specific situation if you want to change job career today.