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Career Change Success Story: From Communications Expert to Clinical Audiologist & Neurophysiology Technician

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Career Change Success Story: From Communications Expert to Clinical Audiologist & Neurophysiology Technician

One of the joys of being a career counsellor is hearing from my clients who have followed through on their career changes. One of my clients who has done just that is Jo Oakes who completed my Rediscover & Redesign Program.

Jo has gone public to share her successful mid-career change. She contacted me to tell me with excitement that she had been recently interviewed on Christine Gallaghers Wide Open Air Exchange Podcast- Jo provides insight into the work we did together in her quest for work meaning and purpose. You can find this at the 1:09 minute mark of the podcast.

Christine Gallagher’s articulate interview takes a deep dive into Jo’s amazing and extensive early media career as a radio journalist and radio producer for renowned Australian TalkBack host John Laws. Then moving into Public Relations for NGOs and government organisations, working as a consultant/communications strategist for the Ministry of Justice in the UK, Media Manager for the Supreme Court, and then running her own freelance consultancy business.

In her early 40s, Jo found her career was not ticking many boxes in her career life and needed a change but didn’t know what direction to go in. She was not getting fulfillment in her career & there was a misalignment with her values. She had thought about changing her career for at least 5 years. A signal that pushed her to seek career guidance was when the lack of work fulfillment started to spill into her personal life. She found her work was stopping her from being the parent she wanted to be.

Jo provides a warm, humble, and honest account of her journey to find the direction of what would give her meaning in her next career chapter and how we found that together. Through the Extraordinary You Career Development process Jo has been able to connect with her deep synergies to arrive at her career change choice to retrain as a Clinical Audiologist & Neurophysiology Technician.

I am thrilled for her to now be feeling energised by her work and for the valuable contribution she is making at this stage in her life.

Enjoy listening to Jo & Christine’s wonderful conversation!

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