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How to find the Right Career starts with YOU! – New Year Career Advice

how to find the right career
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How to find the Right Career starts with YOU! – New Year Career Advice


A New Year always prompts people to question if they are happy or unhappy with their current job situation.

Some show courage to take the necessary steps to make a change for the better while others shy away and procrastinate from taking any action. If you have been unhappy with your job last year and are looking for a change, I have one single important piece of career advice for you, how to find the Right Career always starts with knowing yourself.

What do I mean by this, let me explain.

Self-Knowledge is having clarity about who you are. Being clear about your personality, all your values, skills, abilities, needs, motivations, beliefs and life experiences. They are the key to navigating the rough seas of the current job market. I am surprised how many don’t have this knowledge or think it’s important. Many go looking for the perfect job with trimmings of more money, more prestige, and more recognition but pay little attention to their other personal needs. They typically know their abilities and skills but that’s where their knowledge stops. Personality knowledge can include whether you are assertive, quiet, outgoing, are talkative, like developing solutions, empathetic, logical, love action, like supporting others etc.

As employees we bring our whole selves to the workplace, there is no room to hide; eventually, your true self will grow frustrated if you are not getting what you need. Having this clarity allows us to make informed decisions about where we can find fulfilling work that aligns us with the core of who we are and what we care about.

If you are tired of jumping from one job to another job but feel no fulfilment, don’t waste one more minute of your life. How to find the right career takes time and always starts with discovering who you are.


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