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"Every person is born with a special purpose.

Your personal spirit becomes restless if you don’t fulfil what you are meant to do."

Gina Bell

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Discover & Design

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Discover your career

Personalised Career Services for Young Adults 18-24 years of age

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Rediscover & Redesign

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Rediscover your career

Personalised Career Services for Adults 25-55 years of age seeking a Career Change

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Gifted & Talented

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Gifted and Talented

Personalised Career Services for Gifted & Talented Individuals 18-55 years of age

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Repurpose & Realign

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Gifted and Talented

1:1 Career Employee Development Program

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Get Career Clarity & Career Direction

One-on-One with Personal Career Advisor Gina Bell (RPCDP & PCDAA)


Registered and Fully Qualified Career Development Practitioner  (RPCDP) with
the Career Industry Council of Australia- the National Peak Body for the Career Industry,
Professional Member of Career Development Association of Australia (PCDAA), Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA) and the National Career Development Association of the USA (NCDA)


Career Advice, Career Counselling, Career Mentoring, Career Coaching


All Consultations are Covid- Safe Face-to-Face via the Zoom Online Platform


How will you spend 40 to 50 hours of the working week for the rest of your life?


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University Qualified Career Advisor, Career Counsellor & Career Coach Sydney


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Recent research in the meta-analysis of career choice interventions by Dr Susan C Whiston, Indiana University, USA has confirmed that one-on-one personalised career counselling with a qualified career advisor / counsellor is a ‘critical ingredient in career choice’.
A major finding was the odds of obtaining employment were 2.67 times higher for job seekers participating in job search interventions with a career counsellor.


Supporting individuals here in Australia & Internationally at any age to design a Career Life that motivates and matters to them


• Find the Right Career and Meaningful Work


• Find your Purpose


• Discover new options & opportunities 


• Learn new skills and career strategies


• Increase your well-being


• Career Advice programs made easy and enjoyable 


• Experience new growth, strength and job satisfaction in our uncertain world


• Career Advisor Gina Bell works with clients anywhere in Australia and Internationally



Bring your authentic self to work to make a meaningful contribution to the world.


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Latest Reviews

“Working with Gina has been the best step I’ve ever taken for my career-life and wellbeing. While it was confronting to realise that I had not been following my true passions, the reward of reaching a better understanding of who I am and the path I should take has been invaluable. Gina’s skill and advice will either give you the comfort of confirming you are in the right career, or if you discover you are not, the courage and ability to change your path. Career satisfaction is possibly the largest contributor to happiness in life – everyone should do this training.”. Alex- Sydney

“I want to thank Gina, for her help and her professionalism, and her kindness and personal approach. I am so happy and lucky to found Gina to help me out with my career path. I wanted to find someone with a personal and professional approach and that could work with me been in France at the time, And I found all of that and more with Gina. The last past three to four years, I was thinking of a new career path but I was not sure of what to do. I had some ideas but nothing sure and I didn’t know where to begin. The work with Gina gave me a clear understanding of who I am and what kind of job will suit me. Her program is complete, very interesting with great tools, which I will be able to use in the future. As I was going along with the program, I started it to see a clearer path. By the end of the program, I knew exactly where to begin and what to do next. I learn a lot about myself. I have a much better understanding of who I am today and what are my values and found a career aligned with who I am. I am very excited about my new chapter and looking for a new beginning. I recommend Gina to everyone.”. Martine- France

“When I first approached Gina to explore my career options, I did so with some scepticism but ultimately thought I had nothing to lose. I knew I wanted and needed a change and I didn’t want to take a leap of faith into something new without being sure it was right for me, and I also didn’t know what that something new would be! Never did I imagine that I would come out of the process with such a different and exciting career ahead of me. Gina’s sessions are thoughtful, enlightening and challenging. She really helps you to find out who you really are so that you make decisions about your future career purposefully. For the first time in 40 years I am making career decision based on what drives me rather than the bumpy-ride I’ve had from a career by accident so far.”. Jo- Sydney

“After realising I wasn’t entirely happy in nursing, I decided to reach out to Gina for clarity and direction. From the first phone call, I felt an instant warmth with Gina, and it was evident how passionate she was about helping people discover their career paths. Throughout the program, I learnt so much about myself and the possible career opportunities out there, and gained enough knowledge and courage to take the next step into the right direction. Months later, and I am no longer a nurse, but I’ve never been happier. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Gina and her amazing mentorship. I can’t recommend her enough!” Fae- Sydney

“I contacted Gina as I was going through a very difficult time in my career. I was looking for some guidance, direction and purpose, as I was very unhappy in what I was doing. I found Gina to be very caring and understanding of my situation as well as being very passionate and knowledgeable in her profession. She was able to provide me with guidance, advice and confidence at a very difficult period in my career.” Andrew- Sydney

“I highly recommend working with Gina to anyone who wants to understand why they’re unhappy in their current career/job, and what it is they should look for in their next career move. Gina’s approach is very personal, helping you gain greater awareness of your own personality, strengths and weaknesses, personal and professional values, life story as a whole, and how it bears on your professional development. Gina helps you narrow down a wide field of opportunities into a set of several for you to explore, and points you to the next actionable steps and helpful resources. You walk away feeling that you’ve found a friend/mentor, someone who is on your side, but also has the objectivity and professional training to provide honest, constructive feedback and recommendations. Thank you Gina for your work and support!”  Joan- Sydney